After marriage or engagement, we understand that you are eager to start your life together. We are adept at fiancé visa's, marriage visa's and adjustment of status.
Fiancé visa's are available to those couples who have met, have decided to marry, and who have seen one another in person within the last two years. This visa type is often the fastest way to bring your significant other to the United States, but they will still need to adjust status to a permanent residence upon your marriage.
Marriage visas are available to those couples who have already married but have not yet completed the steps to bring the immigrant spouse to the United States. With this visa type, your spouse would receive a green card upon entry to the United States, no further application required.
An adjustment of status is available to those couples who are both present in the United States at the time of the marriage, and the immigrant is the in the United States legally with a visa.
 Whichever service best fits with your situation, our firm is ready and prepared to meet your needs.
There are many instances in which an adjustment of status would benefit you or your family.

In some cases, you or your relative can be sponsored by family already residing in the United States. Successful family sponsorship can lead to an approved immigrant petition and a Resident Visa (green card).

However, US Immigration Law is very particular about who is considered an immediate relative or other close family members for immigration purposes and due to limited visa numbers it is common for many cases to take years for an approval and for a visa to be issued.

Our firm has years of experience with adjustments of status, as well as family petitions and Consular Visa Processing. We will be with you and your family member every step of the way, from the first petition to the interview.

Seeking Asylum in the United States can be a confusing and terrifying process without an experienced attorney guiding the way. Our firm has successfully handled asylum cases from start to finish and our goal is to make sure that you are prepared and comfortable with the process to ensure the best chance for success. 
Citizenship grants all of the rights and privileges of a United States citizen. The process to obtaining citizenship is a unique and complex one, often influenced by the applicant’s personal experiences in the United States. We are able to work through criminal records, selective service problems, and other issues that may arise throughout the naturalization process.
Every client will have a unique situation, and our experienced attorney's are happy to guide you through this rewarding process.
We offer services on many different visa types, family and business. No matter the immigration need, our firm can help you find a solution.